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The Best Buddies songs are positive, solution oriented, and others-centered responses to the inevitable challenges of learning to share, to obey, and to care about others’ feelings as much as we care about our own. Be encouraged parents: your kids can be best friends, for life! Let the Best Buddies music help you teach your kids to get the most out of every day, by putting away the fighting and pouting, and having fun together! As you play these songs, watch as your family culture takes on a new level of energy, peace, and purpose.


The Founder

As a mother of seven (and now grandmother of seven) DeAnza Duron is so aware of the challenges facing relationships in families: between parents and their children, and between sisters and brothers. She remembers thinking after having two little girls and then a stout, red-headed live-wire boy, ‘I’ve got to be very intentional in facilitating healthy relationships between my kids.’ So, of course, as a professional singer, she wrote them a song to be their declaration of being ‘Best Buddies’! Many more children came and so did songs that encourage kids to enjoy one another and work together as a team.


The Best Buddies changed everything for me and my family!

Growing up as one of six kids, the struggle was REAL. With financial pressures and all the complications that come with having a big family, there were times when my mom didn’t know if we would EVER get along...or stop griping. The Best Buddies was just the miracle we were looking for!

With the help of The Best Buddies, I learned the value of patience, sharing, and how to stay positive in every situation. My siblings are now my closest friends, and even as an adult, I still find myself singing the wonderful songs that were the foundation of my childhood.

Every good parent needs a secret weapon, and The Best Buddies is exactly that!
— Morgan Jennings Schuler - Associate Campus Pastor and Television Ministry Producer at Faith Church
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The Best Buddies Music began 20 years ago with families in mind. We're a real family that chose to believe that God could make our children BEST BUDDIES who love God and love each other.


Now that our children are having children, we are excited about carrying these songs and lessons to the next generation of best buddies. More songs and videos to come!