Music Changes The Atmosphere



          My favorite, and the most common comment from parents about Best Buddies music is this: “These songs actually change the atmosphere in our home! They have a real effect on our kids!”. I’ll never forget the beautiful businesswoman in Dallas who was practically in tears, thanking me: “When my grandchildren come to our house, we always, always put on Best Buddies! It makes them settle down!” (Let the grandparents say “Amen!").

       Their comments reinforce this truth: Whether in your home or car, playroom or bedroom, inside or outside, morning or night . . . MUSIC CHANGES OUR MOODS...BECAUSE MUSIC CHANGES THE ATMOSPHERE.


The choices we make for “filling the air” (as in music, shows, movies)  around us and our families affect us on many levels:

  1. Energy Is Released by Upbeat, Positive Music. The opposite is true as well. Some styles and negative messages can cast a gloomy defeated feeling that can significantly affect our energy level and motivation
  2. Messages Guide Our Thoughts by the focus of the musical lyrics.  Happy, inspiring words of hope and love, or fun and joy, can fill us with gratitude, anticipation and good will towards others.  Sad, nostalgic words can surface past painful memories and take our emotions in a direction that leaves a lethargic, even lonely feeling over us. Words of anger, dissatisfaction, fear or chaotic confusion, are some of the messages that become a path to unhealthy thinking and perspectives.
  3.  A Peaceful Calm and Satisfaction Can Be Felt Deeply as the harmony and beauty of certain music fills the air and our senses. It is interesting to note that Christian praise music can bring a sweetness and strength to our souls as it reminds us of God’s love for us and His mercy and power.

 The point is this: We think about and feel what we sing about, as well as being moved by the music itself. For children, I personally believe the effect and emotional response is extremely significant. Obviously, the atmosphere of our homes are impacted by the moods of the people in it!


          Every song has a variety of messages. These messages impact your family’s thoughts, not only about their world, and the core values that shape us all, but also about themselves. Music creates an inner mood and atmosphere in a child’s mind and feelings.

           The studies of the effects of music on individuals, as well as groups, are astounding.  We respond physically, emotionally, and even spiritually to the powerful combination of words, rhythms and movement of the melodies and its presentation.

          So . . . do yourself a favor and put on the “good stuff.” Make sure the effect the music you choose is having a positive one, not a negative one! Remember, music can be your partner in creating a life-giving atmosphere in your home and in the hearts of your children! And, in YOU!


I think I just talked myself into going to listen to a Best Buddies song (yep, I’m addicted!).

Let’s talk again soon. 

Never Give Up! ❤

DeAnza Duron 


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