Music Is A Family Connector


          We have talked about music as a culture shaper and atmosphere changer, but it is much more! It’s interesting and undeniable that the Best Buddies songs have created a very real (and fun) CONNECTION in our family perspective.

          Like common memories, these songs (and principles) are woven into our thinking, memories, and our priorities and goals.  Music overrides personality, likes, and dislikes, and giftings.  Music unites us together. Music transcends age!  It “connects” the adults with the children and certainly the children with one another, regardless of age. I remember so well the times in the car, all of us singing to the top of our lungs; the big kids enjoying singing with and being entertained by the littles and vice versa.

          Our society (and maybe just life itself) tends to separate us by age groups and interests, even within families. But the right music can help bring unity, understanding and LOVE, no matter what the age group.

          Our older kids used to babysit the younger ones. Destiny probably feels she helped raise our little boys (probably true, I needed all the help I could get!). Now we have nannies, daycares, and babysitters. These are needed and a blessing if we are consistently intentional in CONNECTING ALL OUR FAMILY MEMBERS TO ONE ANOTHER. This can be challenging, but music can help to make it happen!

          Activities at every age keep each of our children on their own schedule and “in their own lane.”  Many times, a child’s best friends are not his/her siblings. It’s possible for kids to graduate and leave home, never really forming a lifelong, meaningful relationship with their brothers and sisters. The unity created when families share significant songs from their years at home form LIFELONG BONDS of shared life experiences, and unique learning or fun times together. The music played becomes the “soundtrack” of their childhood memories.

          Because music truly does 1) change the atmosphere, and 2) help create the family culture, it is uniquely effective as a “Family Connector.” Music sweetens and enhances the “life-connection” of a family, creating a closeness for all to feel and share together.

Parents, let me encourage you to FILL YOUR HOME WITH MUSIC THAT WILL SUPPORT YOU IN CREATING THE FAMILY CONNECTION YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF!  Don’t give up! Enjoy your kids and have fun singing with your little ones! They will grow up with a “sweet family connection” that will pass from generation to generation.


I hope these last 3 blogs on "music, music, music!".... have challenged you to choose well and make it part of your family strategy. I would love to hear from you about your family and your music! ❤

Never Give Up! 

DeAnza Duron


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