Double Your Fun


          This is the title of our first original Best Buddies CD, and the title cut on that album. The lyrics are simple:


“Oh you can double, double, double your fun!
‘Cause when you share with someone,  you’ll have twice as much fun!
Come on and double, double, double,
Double your fun!”


           Of all the concepts I taught my children growing up, I believe this song embodies one of the MOST foundational truths for raising balanced, others-centered children, and having a happy, healthy life and family!

         Simply sharing what we have (whatever our age) is a crucial step in the right direction for learning to truly “double” your fun, your fulfillment, and develop your character. Generosity is a life perspective. The wise mom or dad is relentlessly intentional in rewarding and elevating every act of sharing. Selfishness is the opposite of generosity and apparently selfishness is in our human nature (...just try taking one of two cookies from your angelic two year-old son!).

           As “natural” as it may be for all of us, SELFISHNESS IS A POISON. It corrupts our culture, our hearts and destroys marriages, families and relationships on every level.

           Ask any law firm about the devastation of families in inheritance wars between family members.  It rips loved ones apart and leaves heartache and loss. The scripture “it's more blessed (HAPPY) to give than to receive” seems ludicrous to our selfish nature until we see a young child give half of his or her cookies to a buddy or brother and watch the two of them laughing and making the best memory ever (watch and learn, right?). Truth has a way of winning.

          Could it be we are “hardwired” with an incredible capacity to give and sacrifice for others? It seems so. It always makes me happy (and may I be honest enough to admit at times surprised) when we “discover” a Biblical truth/command not only works, but has undeniable, even measurable, results!

            Much has been written in recent years about the power of being generous, even in the business world. Evidently the rewards of sharing with others is an adult issue, as well as a challenge for our little ones. The evidence is substantial of people being “empowered” in multiple areas of their lives just from intentionally giving their money, with no personal benefit or kickback. This is fascinating to me, especially as a mom. We ARE on the right track, fellow Stingy-Busters!! (Confirmation always feels good when seemingly swimming upstream!) 


Here are a few “application tips” that helped our family:


Kids “tune us out” after a few minutes so make correction and instruction times brief!


I believe children respond to (and remember most) our attitude and emotional state. Stay positive. Our kids become confident when they can see us believe in them.


It’s Party Time every time your little one makes the right choice. “Yay! You are so generous! I’m so proud!” Jump up & down, crazy dance, hi five, and big hugs for the champion. Make her/him want to do it again.


Create a mindset of growth versus failure. The need to learn and improve is normal and exciting!


When a child hears mom/dad say “Wow! I remember having to learn to share! I didn’t want anyone to touch my toys!” it makes everything better. My kids loved hearing their mom’s childhood stories!


Selfishness isn't a happy or workable “norm” in any family. You got this! Relax and enjoy THIS special season!

I hope these blogs are helping you to stay focused on the ever-challenging “big issues.” Stay strong! ❤️


Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron


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