Whether it’s preparing to celebrate Christmas or multitasking on any given ordinary day throughout the year…WE CAN CHOOSE TO ENJOY THE MOMENT!

For most of us, the lessons learned from the past always include: “I wish I had stopped worrying and just ENJOYED everything MORE!!!”

“Everything” usually includes the big things, like living in a free country, our health, our family & friends…. as well as what we may call “little“ but really are great things, like sunsets, radiant colors of flowers, loving conversations and laughter!

As parents, PAUSING from the endless hectic schedules and activities of family life, is always WISE!


Because, we can miss the “really good stuff”... Like a moment of uncontrollable laughter when something happens that strikes your little one as really funny…. or, the gentle glances from your teenager when she or he is genuinely thankful for all you do… or just taking a long, totally satisfying deep breath and holding it in while you count your blessings!!

I have to REMIND MYSELF again and again: ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

Enjoy the uniqueness of each family member! Enjoy watching your kids play when they don’t know you’re watching! Enjoy LISTENING! Enjoy ignoring others’ negative comments or prejudices!

ENJOY thinking good thoughts about everyone!

The “real race in life” really does include ENJOYING LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Possessions, accomplishments, power, nor money, bring peace and lasting enjoyment! They quickly fade.

As you are thankful and celebrate even the smallest blessings, your ability to ENJOY will explode and your eyes will be opened! THERE IS SO MUCH TO ENJOY! So many wonderful  blessings we have experienced!

May we refuse to take for granted God’s most miraculous blessings! Every breath we take is a miracle! May we walk in gratitude for our sight, to be able to hear and walk and laugh!!

And most of all, to remember during this  Christmas celebration that there is a God who loves us! A caring Heavenly Father who is there for our families and is faithful!!

Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers! May we all ENJOY AS NEVER BEFORE life itself, knowing our Saviour Jesus Christ can take care of every challenge we are facing!


Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron

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