It's Not Fun If It's Not Fun For Everybody!

I’m so glad my life was never perfect because so many of these songs were born from my learning moments as a mom!

          The Best Buddies song we are talking about today, of course, has a story. We were out of town in a hotel, walking out the door to go to the swimming pool.  We travelled a lot and on that day as usual, my husband, Denny Duron, was the special speaker for several high schools’ assemblies. I only had four kids at this time… our swimming adventure should be easy!

          While I was trying to load up the tote bags (full of floaties, toys, snacks, my purse, a diaper bag, and more toys) I heard the familiar pleas for help from one of my girls, DawnChere: “Stop it, Denny Rodney! Mmoooommm! Make him stop!” After turning my “why would you do that” look toward our four year old son, I knew so well the familiar words that would follow. “But mom! I was just having FUN!” least he was consistent!


That day, my reply turned into a song:


       It’s not fun if it’s not fun for everybody

     It’s not fun if it makes someone mad or blue

        No, it really isn’t fun

        If it’s only fun for some!

‘Cause it’s not fun if it’s not fun for everybody!


These lyrics say it all when it comes to the majority of challenges in the playroom, at the dinner table, or on the playground at school!


          Kids know when they are aggravating or making someone sad or mad and they know the solution: just stop doing it. But, children need reminders and as the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I believe when your kids hear and sing this song, it will help you create an ever-present standard of behavior in your homes or in the car. Try it! But don’t be surprised when your husband or wife sings it to you!

          There is a reason we call these songs “Family Entertainment” and it is simple; these principles really are true for all ages. It makes me happy to know these songs can make a difference in your family because I know what a difference it made in my family. All of my boys loved to laugh, tease and joke; they wanted action! But they had to learn their sisters’ idea of fun was very different from theirs.

          Be encouraged! Parents, you’re doing a great job. Being sensitive to others is a learning process that demands a heart change. This “transformation” takes patience on our part. Your kids are going to be strong, caring adults someday and so grateful for your consistent guidance and love while growing up! Many days, I had to make a new commitment to stay focused. Today, this is your day! ❤️


Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron

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