Swimming Against The Tide

From the beginning of parenting and our family’s evolving world of “Best Buddies” I realized my chosen perspective and values were not the same as the culture I lived in. This is an incredible challenge because our culture is a dominant influence on all of our lives, especially our children’s.
Here is the harsh reality: if we fail to implement a plan or effective dialogue and lifestyle, our children’s values will be our culture’s, and not ours. This could be a big difference!

We can agree our world has normalized greed, selfishness, cynicism, and dependency. Cheating, lying, and stealing are tolerated in our subjective values and morals. 

I wanted something different for me and for my loved ones, and I believe you do too!

Many times throughout the years of being the leader, teacher, influencer of my children I had to REFOCUS and RE-EVALUATE my true beliefs. I found it easy to lose focus, become distracted by schedules, do lists, and the immediate needs at hand. 

Let me encourage you: don’t let anyone or anything (media, government, and outside pressure) choose your family’s values & way of life. 

As parents, we must have something to SAY and values to MODEL to our family. If we don't have an intentional plan for our children’s development and direction, that void will quickly be filled by influences that will limit, and possibly destroy, their potential, destiny, and happiness. 

We will have to “swim upstream, against the tide” if we genuinely believe:

  • Doing the right thing is better in the long run
  • Love never fails
  • Honesty matters
  • All people have value
  • Every life has a purpose & calling
  • Happiness comes from giving
  • Disobedience can never be rewarded

These beliefs, and more, are the foundation of every song written and sung by our family. 

Best Buddies songs are so much more than entertainment for our family. These principles have formed our perspectives, language, and family relationships. 

It brings me great joy to know from your responses that we are helping you determine to fill your homes with hope, joy, peace, and purpose! 

We would love to hear about your family!❤️

Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron

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