Not Normal Is Okay

I’m not so sure at the time our children were growing up that I understood how many not-so-normal realities were “normal” for our family. For example, most families do not have a professional recording studio in their backyard, literally 50 yards from our back door, with a Grammy award-winning engineer and a brilliant young programmer who provided limitless professional tracks for the endless stream of songs that flowed from ordinary daily family challenges. Normal, right?

Looking back, I realize more and more it's not the “usual” pattern for every family to have a mom (and dad) experience a flow of songs that framed the kids’ childhood and family relationships. Honestly, it amazes me that we wrote so many songs; it wasn’t really planned. They just started to come, and kept coming (maybe we were uncommonly challenged on a day to day basis, lol!! Whatever…)

When you see “REAL FAMILY, REAL PROBLEMS, REAL SOLUTIONS” on the front of The Best Buddies CD covers (and soon to be released DVD covers) it really says it all!

Trust me! We’re an ordinary on most every level, life challenged family, just like your family. My kids could be as ungrateful, oblivious, and self-centered as they come! But, then again, can't we all? (parent reality check!) It always amazed me when visitors came to "meet the Best Buddies” and even watched them record. I’ll never forget hearing a delighted little high-energy boy exclaim to his mom as they left the recording studio, “Mom, it’s so cool! They fight just like us!”

...My thought was “of course they fight! Why do you think I wrote these silly little songs and make them sing them over and over!” humbles us all!

Take heart, mom!

Stay in there, dad!

Grandparents, keep being a source of order and fun!

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT CHILDREN, PERFECT PARENTS, or a PERFECT FAMILY! We are all “life-challenged" and that's okay!

But, it really is true that LOVE covers a “multitude” of mistakes and regrets. 

Let your kids hear you say...

“I love you”

“you’re beautiful”

“you are so incredible and gifted”

“you are precious to me” 

“I believe in you!” 

Even the toughies like...

”I’m sorry”

 “Will you forgive me?”

We can do it, parents. This can be “OUR new normal!”

 Let’s make wise choices! Stay teachable, vulnerable, and humble!

TOGETHER you and your family will find your “flavor”, your rhythm, your culture of honor and purpose...and have lots of fun!

I hope you are filling your home with great, life-giving, positive, empowering music and videos. If it's not BEST BUDDIES, get something that champions family, hope, and serving one another. It may not be our culture's norm, but then… not normal is okay!  ❤️

Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron