I Choose Happy!

I just read this title to my 4 year old granddaughter who is spending the night (it is already 11:04pm and trust me, she is definitely not sleepy! Don't tell her mom...) and JuJu decided to add to my lyrics “if you are mad, it will take your joy away! You can’t be mad, if you will be nice”...

Hm. There’s some effective, consistent, quality dialogue going on with someone (I’m thinking her mom, Destiny) and this little one! I guess I can’t take all the credit!

Children internalize the words they hear whether spoken to others or to them. Our words are key in creating a child’s identities, attitude, and values...and isn’t that the “whole ballgame”? Of course we all want loved ones (whatever the age) to have healthy, secure identities, to have a grateful, loving attitude, and to value other people and do what is right. Most of us would call that “happy”.


So that means we have the power to “choose happy” or “not happy”.

These 3 basic personal components help to comprise what we call our personality. And a “happy personality” is a gift that every parent wants to instill in their children.

Years ago, I didn’t know about the studies we read today that tell us a person’s personality is basically “set” by 5 years of age. But it sure makes me thankful that “choosing to be happy” was a consistent conversation with our children in our home no matter how young,  We declared this “choice” as a goal in each of our children. Of course, the operative word here is CHOICE. It was always exciting to see our children understand happiness really was their choice.

Everyone of us can be deceived into believing that circumstance, possessions, relationships, and accomplishments can bring their happiness. That's why we fought the lie and filled our minds and hearts with these declarations:

Today I Choose To Be Happy” and “Happiness Is A Choice!" And my favorite: “Happy people have more fun!

And frankly, I need to be reminded myself of these truths at least 10 times a day! So I wrote a song my kids could help remind me! Check out the Best Buddies song “We’re The Happiest People In the World” (CD#1: Double Your Fun”).

Well, I just turned off the light and JuJu says “is God blessing us to be a Best Buddy?” and starts singing “We’re the Happiest People in the World”. Trust me, she will be writing these blogs soon!

Enjoy your children (and grandchildren!) and let me hear from you sometime! ❤️

Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron



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