Proportions Matter

When Destiny (our first baby girl) began to “read” through books, listen to music, watch videos and shows, I was challenged to decide what percentage would be secular cartoons, fairy tales,  etc., versus principle-based media, including Bible stories.


The reality is the absence of morals, life principles, values, and biblical perspective in the daily constant flow of media in our homes shouts to our children that  “our faith is not relevant to the ‘real world’, to our relationships, and to the practical lifestyle choices and challenges.”

I sensed the danger of allowing the majority of the  media I chose to disregard God’s presence in our lives and daily dialogue. Plus, I sensed the intentionality that would be required on my part to resist falling into the ”norm” of watching whatever was popular or convenient.

Honestly, this was one of the most fundamental  perspectives that shaped my strategy as a parent.

So, permit me to say it again: When the bulk of media messages our children are receiving year after year are totally void of teaching or even referencing God or the Bible, we inadvertently make our faith weak and irrelevant.

From toddlers to teenagers, our children are primarily and most importantly spiritual beings.

I am a Christian and the Bible is our standard and reference for truth. I believe the most basic truths every child deserves to know are life changing:

  1. God created the world and He created each of us.

  2. God loves us and wants us to love Him and love all people.

  3. His ways are different from ours, but they are the only way to be happy.

  4. Even when we are selfish and make bad choices, He loves us and  is ready to help us live for Him.

When children know these truths, they can grow into secure, caring, purpose-filled adults.

Sunday “training” at church is not enough; depending solely on a Christian school to teach our children certainly helps, but can never take the place of parents who guard their children’s daily media input at home.

OUR  OVERALL AWARENESS AS PARENTS OF THE PERSPECTIVES AND CORE VALUES  WE ARE ALLOWING TO FORM IN OUR CHILDREN IS THE CENTRAL FOCUS OF THIS BLOG. Whether, we are intentional, or it is by default, our children’s beliefs and basic approach to life are forming in our homes, under our care. The media input we choose, or allow, dictates their attitudes and convictions.

Be encouraged! The good new is you can provide and “guide” your children to truth and Godly values. Step one is your awareness of what your children are being exposed to media wise, in the house as well as outside!

Step two is knowing what is being communicated in the shows your kids are watching and then, eliminating the “How To Talk Mean & Act Mean To Everyone 101” etc. programs!! I always tell the kids, “why should I let these guys come into our home and teach you how to act totally opposite of what will make you happy & Godly!?”

Even in the totally secular entertainment we choose, the “good guys” and heroes need to have a semblance of kindness & values, and the bad guys must not be the heroes! Fortunately, there are some great, “wholesome” and even educational shows available today.

It’s always wise to remind our kids before they watch certain stories and shows that “these stories & characters are not real! They’re just for fun!” Fun is good!! Just be alert and use caution and wisdom.

You, as the parents, must decide for yourself the proportion of Bible, Christian media that you choose for your kids. There are a lot of great Christian music choices for kids today, and even the older videos and tv programs teaching the Bible are good.

THE EVERPRESENT NEED TO FILL THE VOID FOR FUN, ENTERTAINING CHRISTIAN-BASED MEDIA IS MY MAIN MOTIVATION FOR RELEASING NEW BEST BUDDIES SONGS AND VIDEOS. Hopefully by this fall (2018), we will have finished releasing the 3 original Best Buddies Cds and edited Videos. Our 6 kids were featured in these CDs/videos. The next 8 to 10 Best Buddies CDs/videos will feature the 8 grandchildren (and they are so ready!!).

I hope YOU ARE ENCOURAGED! Enjoy your kids and use every show they watch as an opportunity to dialogue!!

Obviously our schedules and latest favorite shows vary, as well as the seasons & phases of our children and family.  So I’m definitely not telling anyone the exact “proper proportions “ of secular versus Christian media. I JUST HOPE TO RAISE YOUR AWARENESS AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO MAKE THE BEST CHOICES YOU CAN!

I would love to hear from you and know some of your favorite shows or music… or just hear more about your family!!! Have a Blessed Day!❤️

Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron

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