Stay Connected

Do you ever find yourself feeling “connect challenged” in busy seasons? Somewhere while juggling it all your "connection" wires got crossed. You might be checking things off your list, but tension and stress are bringing emotional disconnection. And then there is the “squeaky wheel” (yes, the child who literally demands the majority of your energy!) can steal time and attention from the others.

You might be thinking, is it even possible to stay connected?

Let's talk basics first. 

Children know when they are priorities. And sadly, they know when they are not.

All children need their parents to BE AWARE of them all the time. This doesn’t mean front and center with our attention 24-7.  But it does mean an emotional (and I believe, spiritual) “heart connection”.

The key to a connectivity lifestyle is simply daily choices, routines, and patterns of thought. This may come easier to some, but we are all at times challenged in these decisions.

Parents who pray together, or individually, for their children create a powerful support system. It actually functions as an accountability partnership, keeping the heart genuinely focused on each member of our family. 

Individually our prayers throughout the day do the same thing! We are empowered as we look to God for strength, guidance, and understanding of each of our children. Go to God for what each child needs. He knows them better than we do.

Just talking TOGETHER with our spouse or loved ones about the kids brings awareness and connectivity.  When we express our pride and confidence in our children, we re-establish a fresh, relevant connection of faith.  We once again look at our family members through God's eyes, faith eyes.  Our thoughts become filled with hope and confidence for each of them!

Give your kids the treasured, powerful gift of your words! As you speak from your heart to theirs, they will know, beyond a shadow of doubt, “I am loved and treasured. I am not alone!”. Speaking our love makes all the difference in our family culture and the lifetime relationships of our children with one another, even after we are gone.

It’s amazing how “a little goes a long way”! The example of a small amount of yeast affecting the whole loaf of bread, causing it to rise is a picture of the power of spoken love in our families!

Words of love, words of encouragement, mercy, hope and joy fill the dark emptiness created by pain, loss, rejection, and confusion with LIGHT, new strength and perspective! Our words actually create more than positive feelings & moments; they help form the very identity a child carries into adulthood.  

There are going to be times when you want to pull away, but choose to stay connected in your heart, in your thoughts and in your feelings! Along with your words, gentleness and attentiveness will help create and maintain a closeness that will provide strength to every family relationship. Choose to make connection a priority. Choose to believe that, in good and bad times, LOVE NEVER FAILS!

You’re doing a great job! I believe in you!


Never Give Up,

DeAnza Duron

DeAnza Duron