Oh dear! This sounds painful!

NOT if we keep it positive and treat it like an adventure! Hey! It’s fun to grow and become stronger, happier and more effective. Those are good things!

It’s just that growth in many of the key areas of life doesn’t just happen… WE HAVE TO TAKE AN HONEST LOOK AT OURSELVES AND DECIDE TO CHANGE!

It all begins with SELF-ASSESSMENT!

Confession time: I can be rather defensive, stubborn and insecure at times (what a formula for happiness, right?). I have to “put my big panties on”, as they say... Being an ADULT just isn’t always easy. 

I like that now we have created a verb for acting like an adult: “ADULTING”! Very clever. Love it! Still definitely painful at times.

Okay, what are some of the areas in my life raising my children that I found intimidating to HONESTLY assess? Here goes... (pray for me!):

Wait!! Before I give you some “tips” to think about and learn from, please know I’m not “downing” myself or living in depression or past regrets! I take great joy in eliminating those nasty little-no-big “joy-stealers!” Right?

These are simply areas I had to grow in and I’m trying to encourage all of us to not be so defensive by being vulnerable myself! Yay! It’s called the benefits of self-assessment. Let’s do it!

Many times, I did not choose adequate MARGINS in our schedule, which caused stress to myself, as well as my family. Being late is pressure & avoidable many times!
I failed at times to PREPARE AHEAD (which simply means “Think Ahead”!) and have snacks, toys, books, extra clothes, enough diapers, bottles, ETC, in the car for a happy trip to the store, park, church or wherever.

Though my mother-in-law encouraged me to, I for the most part never conquered the WEEKLY MEAL PLAN, that could have helped simplify grocery shopping AND my life.
I could easily “harp” too long on things that irritated me, like the kids being messy, making messes, looking messy...  It was hard to ADMIT I WAS BEING NEGATIVE sometimes (especially when I had labeled myself and was quite committed to being positive!!).
I needed to be better at DECLUTTERING! Enough said!

Being consistent at laying out the kid’s (and mine, too!) CLOTHES, SHOES, SOCKS, BACKPACK, etc needed for tomorrow morning! This is a BIG ONE! 

Many times I was distracted & failed at using my clout to MAKING OUR  CHILDREN CLEAN UP THEIR MESSES, BEFORE GIVING PERMISSION TO MOVE ON TO NEXT ROOM OR GAME, MOVIE OR PROJECT!!!  Let me say it again: Use Your Clout!!

Though definitely not always, there were times I needed to SLOW DOWN AND JUST REALLY ENJOY MY KIDS! Can we ever have enough “mental pics”? To genuinely count my blessings!
Lastly, I so wish I had JOURNALLED and written down so many precious conversations, & memories. ( I’m so thankful our monthly newsletter and the daily radio show that I had for years contain priceless reflections!

These 8 areas can make a huge difference and need consistent self-assessing! Of course, there are more areas, but hopefully this is a good starting point.

Hey! YOU CAN DO THIS! Whatever season, we all can go to the next level! Why not??

Be fearless! Be ruthless with the choices you are making that bring confusion, stress or defeat! As my best friend Sheila Craft says, “Tweak! Tweak! TWEAK!” Remember, the smallest adjustments many times bring the greatest advances!

Self Assessment is our friend! Let’s do this!❤️

Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron

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