Here are the bottom-line questions that surface in my mind and my heart when I need a “belief adjustment:” (And we all KNOW when we are struggling on the inside! So glad you understand!)

Do I really believe I will overcome the challenges of my life? Do I truly believe my children will grow up as happy, healthy adults, who enjoy and love one another?

Doubt is so subtle.

Our inner strength is dependent on our beliefs! I have learned to trace most of my overwhelmed, tired-of-the-battle feelings to a lack of belief that things will work out.

Despair is crippling!

If life is a big race, then running it well is impossible without hope. Weariness makes the heart grow more and more weary! A lack of hope feeds our negative, self-doubting toxic thinking and emotions!

We all must choose to believe… again & again!

Believing again can happen today. Here. Now. It’s amazing how the right thoughts bring the right conclusions. When I see my lack of belief for a better day as my enemy, I can make the conclusion to fight. Without choosing to fight, we will eventually give up, lose the battle, and believe we have no control over our lives!


How do we know we need a “belief adjustment”? We settle for less, make excuses, and blame everyone else! Or maybe we just subtly back off from the dreams we once had for our lives and our family. I’ve been there and so have you.

Our families need us to BELIEVE IN THEM! Our children need to consistently HEAR OUR WORDS OF STRENGTH, JOY, and FAITH! Our world is desperate for people who BELIEVE THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

It doesn’t matter how many times we lose our hope and inner strength. It does matter how many times we get up and fight & CHOOSE TO BELIEVE❤️

Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron

DeAnza Duron