I remember loving my mom’s gentle touch!

There were so many times as a little girl watching TV or being in church, I would lay my head in her lap and she would gently stroke my arms. Or when I was sick, I can still feel her cool, soft hand on my forehead, as she prayed for me and reassured me I was going to be fine!

I want my children to remember my touch as gentle.

I have friends whose hug or embrace is so tender that it inspires me to cultivate my own gentle touch!

It’s so natural to hold a baby with a very real, intentional and careful tenderness. In fact, the younger the baby, the greater level of gentleness he or she inspires!

Yet, as our children grow older (and bigger!), we can underestimate the power of a gentle touch.

The fact is, whether a gentle hug or pat on the arm, .. or a kind, soft whisper of encouragement… there is tremendous power in gentleness.

Gentleness connects us on a deeper level of intimacy. It communicates to our loved ones that we treasure their feelings. It can even bring healing to tension or misunderstandings.

Of course,  like every expression of love and caring, we must express it in a way it will be understood, appreciated, and received.

Sometimes, a gentle glance and smile says it all! Other times, words of peace, apology, or even relating our own gratefulness for something’s someone has done, makes a special connection.

Gentleness creates memories, diffuses anger, and helps develop a healthy, loving family culture. Not matter what age a person is, receiving timely and genuine gentleness communicates our love. Even in the tough conversations, or the challenge of disciplining and training our children, our strength and impact is  enhanced by a gentle resolve, versus out of control anger or power struggles.

As a wife, mom, and friend, I want a gentle countenance to be characteristic of who I choose to be! I want my reactions to be tempered by an ever-present, underlying kindness and gentleness.

I want to pursue gentleness! I want to cultivate it and internalize it at every level of my thinking, feelings, and perception!

The Bible says gentleness is a “fruit “of the spirit, so it is yet one more benefit of allowing God’s Holy Spirit to help us, guide us, and empower us in serving our families!

Don’t give up on your family! And don’t give up on yourself!!! Gentleness is not a personality trait! GENTLENESS IS A CHOICE… a POWERFUL CHOICE❤️

DeAnza Duron