The Happy Reset Button

The Happy Reset Button

This going to be short and sweet!!



So, the “shortcut” to peace, joy, and inner strength is refusing to spend our days and years pouting & hurting over things we have no power to change!!

BUT, instead, WE CAN FOCUS ON WHAT WE DO HAVE POWER OVER! I have the power to choose my thoughts, my motives, my actions and my reactions! PERIOD! I am not a victim, I choose to be strong,, and I will not be manipulated. My heart will heal as I forgive, trust God, and move on!

We cannot get “stuck” on any “disconnect” of being sad, mad, hopeless, hurt or shut down for any reason. I have to fight for my peace of mind, and you do too!!  But, it is worth the fight!!

WE can declare today as our new beginning & focus FORWARD (and yes, we must do it again and AGAIN! This is a LIFESTYLE”!). Ofcourse, this does not mean we are not intentionally working on growing in various areas. That is hopefully a LIFESTYLE as well!

But, right now we are establishing a vital and practical strategy of having a RE-SET BUTTON to stay focused and keep engaged! Some things will not be solved today, but life is now! One of my favorite sermons by my husband is called “ LIFE WON’T WAIT ON THE WOUNDED”! It’s so true! I must keep positive, hopeful and energized. And you must do the same! So, let’s do this!

DECLARE: I  choose happy thoughts, loving actions, other-centered motives, merciful reactions, and a purpose-driven lifestyle!!! I EXPECT GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN IN MY LIFE!

Now say it again!! And keep moving forward:❤️

Never Give Up!

DeAnza Duron

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